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Removes Kidney Stones…… Naturally

Most urinary tract stones form in the kidney and may be due to several different causes. Minerals such as calcium, phosphate or oxalate may become over saturated in the urine and precipitate out of solution onto the lining of the kidney. Some stones such as magnesium ammonium phosphate are produced by a bacterium that can infect the urine,and other stones such as cystine or uric acid are due to hereditary metabolic abnormalities. The symptoms caused by the stone depend on the size and shape of the stone as well as the location of the stone in the urinary tract. The common symptoms are pain in urinary tract and most commonly related to urinary tract bleeding, infection, or obstruction.

There are two distinctly different processes of renal stone formation namely the metabolically induced system and the infectively induced system. Both of these systems result in the formation of a matrix substance within the urinary tract upon which is deposited calcium, phosphate, oxalate, magnesium, and urate, that is, chemicals normally found in the urine. Some of the specific stone types are calcium oxalate, uric acid, magnesium ammonium phosphate etc. Lithotripsy is the most common method used to treat stones in the advanced countries and it is expensive. Repeated puncturing of kidney may result in kidney failure.

The herbal materials of Nefid Capsules were extracted and formulated based on the toxicology studies done earlier on the humans and animals. Nefid Capsules contains the five herbs as per the protocol of ayurvedic pharmacopoeia and were found effective in removing stones and reoccurrence of stone.

Clinical Trials:

Two open trails were conducted using the Nefid Capsules formulation on patients with one or many stones for a period of six months and also on recurrent cases. The end point of the study was the complete dissolution of stones and prevention of recurrence stone formation.

Toxicology :

No adverse effects were noted during the clinical studies treated with Nefid Capsules.

Packing :

Available in jars of 120 capsules

Supply :

Nefid Capsules are available directly from company’s Central Logistic Centre/Regional Offices and selected chemists.


Each capsule contains :

Euphorbia microphylla (Dugdhica) 33.00 mg
Bryophyllum pinnatum (Pashan-bhade) 49.50 mg
Bombax ceiba (Shalmali) 66.00 mg
Butea monosperma (Palash) 54.78 mg
Tribulus terrestris (Gokshur) 42.00 mg
Shawat-parpate 154.72 mg


Kidney stones removal
Recurrence of stone formation


2 capsules twice a day after meals or as directed by the physician.

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