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Dalmia’s Lung -KR Capsules is backed up with continuous R&D efforts by our research Centre Dalmia Centre for Research and Development in addressing the ever rising pollution levels.  DCRD were successful in developing plant based remedies (Ayurvedic) for fighting air pollution and promoting respiratory health.

We breathe in oxygen and this is likely that we also take a lot of pollutants present in the air which are harmful to our respiratory health and exposing ourselves to various respiratory diseases like Asthma, Respiratory Tract Infections, shortness of breath etc. The inhaling of pollutants that includes smoke, fumes. Chemicals and dust etc. are contributing factors for many individuals to develop lung diseases. With the use of herbal extracts present in Lung -KR helps to keep our lungs strong to fight off effects of air pollution.

 Benefits of Lung -KR:
1. Soothing airways that get irritated with pollution.
2. Easing Chest and respiratory congestion.
3. Reduces Pollution Damage to Lungs

Packing :
Available in Box of 12 x 10 capsules

Supply :
Lung –KR Capsules are available directly from company’s Central Logistic Centre/Regional Offices and selected chemists.


Each Capsule contains :
Drosera peltata (Chitra) 30 mg
Cephaelis ipecacuanha (Poaya) 5 mg
Bryonia alba/Epigoea (Rakas-Gaddah) 1 mg


Lung-KR Capsules are useful for conditions associated with pollution.


One capsule two times a day for a month. For sustainable results, dosage regime to be followed for longer periods.


  • Multicentric Randomized Double Blind Placebo Control procedure was adopted.

  • Clinical Evaluation of 400 subjects has been studied for duration of 6 months.

  • Subjects are divided into 3 groups: Allopathy, Placebo and DCBT-1234 Lung -KR {Ayurvedic combination of Drosera peltata (Chitra) 30mg, Cephaelis ipecacuanha (Poaya) 5mg and Bryonia alba/Epigoea (Rakas-Gaddah) 1mg}.

A six month study on the patients revealed:

    • DCBT-1234 ( Lung -KR) showed 0.2L improvement in FEV 1 value but both other group (Allopathic and Placebo) miserably failed to do so.

    • DCBT-1234  ( Lung -KR)also shows reduction in cough / cessation of cough during the night.

    • DCBT-1234 ( Lung -KR0 facilitated the sputum to spill out from lungs.

    • DCBT-1234 ( LUNG -KR) also cures symptoms like bronchial tubes overloaded with mucus.

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