Astha-15 Capsules


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Astha-15 Capsules

Treats Asthma from the Root

Bronchial Asthma requires prolonged treatment. Approximately half of all attacks are triggered by allergies to such substances as dust. smoke, pollen, feathers, pet hair, insects, mold spores and a variety of foods and medications. Modern medicines prescribed to treat bronchial asthma, such as salbutamol, theophyline etc., have sever adverse side effects like tremor, tachycardia, loss of appetite etc. when taken by patients over a long period. It is the desire of every Asthmatic, all over the world for a safer alternative to these modern drugs.

Indian System of Medicine has outlined the use of several herbs for the treatment of Bronchial Asthma. However, these herbs have not been validated for their efficacy through a rigorous scientific validation study. Dalmia Centre for Research & Development (DCRD) ,after many years of extensive research developed a herbal medicine comprising of 15 herbs called ASTHA-15 from the important herbs mentioned in the Indian System of Medicine. Unlike a number of companies in India who sell herbal drugs without proper safety and clinical studies, ASTHA-15 has undergone a randomized double blind, placebo controlled study on patients under the watchful eyes of internationally recognized respiratory physicians who followed a peer reviewed ethically approved clinical protocol to asses the efficacy of ASTHA-15 in comparison to the modern medicines. In the randomized double blind placebo controlled study the patients were randomly assigned to a placebo or a drug treatment with either ASTHA-15 or the modern allopathic drug. During the study the physician is unaware if his patient is taking a placebo or a drug.

Astha-15 Capsules

In a double blind placebo control randomized trail on patients and the statistically tabulated results at the end of 12 weeks of therapy of Astha -15 showed that patients suffering from Bronchial Asthma improved considerably in the vital Pulmonary Function Tests (PFT) and also showed significant reduction in key asthmatic parameters like dyspnoea, wheezing, cough and rhonchi in comparison to the modern allopathic drugs.

Toxicology :

ASTHA-15 did not exhibit any of the side-effects normally observed with allopathic drugs. The results of the study have been published. Astha – 15 is safe herbal formulation for patients suffering from bronchial asthma.

Packing :

Available in Box of 12 x 10 capsules and jar 0f 120 capsules

Supply :

Astha -15 Capsules are available directly from company’s Central Logistic Centre/Regional Offices and selected chemists.

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