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Natural Pain Reliever … Safest Way to Manage Pain

ArthoPack oil is unique formulation gives quick and long lasting relief from Low Back Pain, Morning Stiffness, Painful Joints, Sprain, Muscular Pain, Strained Muscles, Shoulder and arm discomfort, neck, hip and leg pain, and pain associated with arthritis.

Clinical Trials :

A randomized double blind placebo controlled was conducted and the patients have shown remarkable improvements in the symptoms.

Toxicology :

No adverse reaction has been reported during the study.

Packing :

Available in Pet Bottle of 100ml

Supply :

ArthoPack Oil is available directly from company’s Central Logistic Centre/Regional Offices and selected chemists.


Each 100ml contains extract derived from:

Withania somnifera (Asgandh) 10 gm
Ricinus communis (Erand) 10 gm
Datura metal (Dhatura) 10 gm
Calotropis procera (Akada) 10 gm
Euphorbia antiquorum (Tredhara) 10 gm
Moringa olerifolia (Mungna) 10 gm
Vitex negundo (Nirgundi) 10 gm
Sesamum indicum Linn (Til Oil) 100 ml


Low Back Pain
Morning Siffness
Painful Joints
Muscular Pain
Strained Muscles
Shoulder and arm discomfort
neck, hip and leg pain
pain associated with arthritis.

Directions for Use

Apply gently on the painful joints at bed time or as directed by the physician.


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